Eminem: by Eminem
Eminem: by Eminem

Eminem: by Eminem


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A glimpse at the REAL Slim Shady and his music. Rap superstar Eminem’s uncensored lyrics are offered here to the reader complete with personal commentary on each controversial song.

Angry Blonde is the book that all Eminem fans have been waiting for, including an introduction by Eminem himself and fifty unpublished photos.

The book sheds light on the hugely controversial persona of Eminem, whilst discussing his songs and their relevance to him. Much controversy has surrounded the release of Eminem’s latest album Marshall Mathers, and now he wants to set the record straight. Featuring all the lyrics to his solo hits and some from his guest appearances, Angry Blonde gives us a no-hold barred look into the mind of hip-hop’s latest genius.

Eminem has become the living embodiment of rebel youth in the USA. The Slim Shady LP released in 1999 went on to sell over 4 million copies world-wide, spawning hits such as ‘Guilty Conscience’ and the anthemic ‘My Name Is’. Filled with songs that addressed everything from rape and drugs to murder, it’s not surprising that the Grammy Award-winning album failed to find favour with the moral majority.

The release of The Marshall Mathers LP this year sold a record-breaking million copies in it’s first week of release. By August 2000, Eminem had already spent two months at the top of the US Billboard charts, with album sales reaching over 5 million. No longer the underdog, the blue-eyed bad boy of hip-hop has become the biggest thing on planet rap this year.

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