Britney: The Biography by Sean Smith
Britney: The Biography by Sean Smith

Britney: The Biography by Sean Smith


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Since she sashayed down the corridor in a schoolgirl uniform singing 'Baby One More Time', Britney Spears has become the most talked-about woman in popular culture. In this fascinating unauthorized biography, the author chronicles for the first time the amazing story of how a little southern girl described by her tutor at Disney as 'the most innocent person you'd ever want to meet' grew up to become the ultimate tabloid obsession.

Bestselling author Sean Smith has conducted a series of exclusive interviews across America to discover if she really cheated on Justin Timberlake, what happened the first time she fell in love and what she finds irresistable about husband Kevin Federline. He details her journey from American dream to American nightmare - scarred by her break-up with Timberlake, humiliated by his video featuring a Britney look-alike, booed at the London premiere of her first film, Crossroads, and deeply upset by her parents' divorce, she hit rock bottom with her notorious 55-hour Las Vegas marriage. But she has come back stronger than ever winning a prestigious Grammy award and starring in her own reality TV series. Speculating on what an uncertain future holds for new mother Mrs Federline, this is a thoroughly entertaining and insightful biography of one of the most misunderstood figures in pop.

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