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Frequently Asked Questions regarding your Discogs order

Messages will usually only be answered Monday-Friday, from 9 - 16CET (Central European Time Zone), as we're CLOSED on weekends and national holidays. Sometimes it can take a day or two before we get to your message (especially after the weekend, as we get MANY messages), but DON'T spam us, please – we will answer you as soon as we see your first message!


Please contact us via Discogs messages through the TIMELINE of your order, and NOT by private mail messages(unless you have a general question not regarding a specific order, of course - if asking about a certain item, please include the direct link to that also, so we can find it easily). And please REMEMBER TO SEND US YOUR E-MAILif you want pictures, etc.

Please note: We unfortunately do not get any notifications from Discogs when you write a message under "Additional Instructions" after making an order - this is solely for messages regarding packing (if you have any special requests about how you want your order packed, or if we need to change the address, etc). For any other questions or comments, please write in the timeline of the order

We do 99% of all our gradings VISUALLY only (because of time restraints). Our stock is more than half a million records. Rule of thumb: If you can feel it (i.e. a scratch), you can hear it. So we do our best to look for any visual flaws, but even a flawless record can sound bad upon playback - in that case, just contact us, and we will try to find a solution of course.

PLEASE NOTE: A sleeve graded as "Generic" does NOT have the original cover! It will come in a common sleeve (in any thickness) not related to the release and maybe only an inner sleeve.

PLEASE NOTE: We do NOT grade inner sleeves!(there's no option for that on Discogs), so if these or other extras are important to you, ASK us about them before we send out. Often they are not included, but sometimes they are! If we write "OIS" in the comments, then it has Original Inner Sleeve.

A small guide regarding grading of records:
Discogs grading guide

Mint: Absolutely perfect in every way. Certainly never been played.
Near-Mint: A nearly perfect record. The record should show no obvious signs of wear.
Very Good Plus: Will show some signs that it was played and otherwise handled by a previous owner who took good care of it.
Very Good: Noticeable groove wear and light scratches. Surface noise will not overpower the music.
Good Plus: Can play without skipping. Significant scratches, surface noise, and groove wear.
Good: Can play without skipping. Significant scratches, surface noise, and groove wear.
Fair/Poor: Record is cracked, badly warped, or won't play through without skipping or repeating.

Grading sleeves is a bit more difficult, but are generally the same as for records. Sometimes an original sleeve can be missing though, and in that case it's graded as "Generic" (which means the record is just in a standard picture-less sleeve. It is *not* a specific type of thick stock outer sleeve, and can also just be a thin inner-type of sleeve). Please check item descriptive comments for further information - we will usually write if it is a company sleeve or otherwise.

All special included extras (Posters, inserts, post cards, stickers, OBI-strips, inner sleeves, bonus-7" or 12" additional recordsas well as various defects (punch holes/saw-cuts/stickers/writings/etc)), are not always mentioned in our descriptions, but if this is important to you, then write us and ask about the specifics BEFORE we send them out - not after ;)

We always try to the best of our ability to live up to these gradings, but as we can only do visual gradings (because of the sheer volume of our stock), occasionally an item can be over/under-graded a single grade, as grading records is also not an exact science, and opinions always differ - however, if it's more than two gradings off, please contact us before leaving feedback, and we'll of course solve the issue ASAP

You can see the shipping prices on all the item pages. You can also see our full shipping chart HERE(click "Ships from"), or if you place them in your cart, it will automatically show the costs.

Please note:

Free shipping no longer available (Discogs raised their fees on the 22nd of May, so unfortunately we cannot offer it anymore).Full price charts for all sizes of orders to exact locations can be found at:
Shipping Prices under "Ships From"Please note:
1xLP = Usually around 250 grams on average, but sometimes a bit more/less. (12" maxis or generic sleeves weigh less).
2xLP = DOUBLE ALBUM (counts as 2 records - around 400-450 grams)
3xLP = TRIPLE ALBUM (counts as 3 records), etc.
2x10" maxis count as one 12" record.
4x7'' singles count as one 12'' record, usually 50-60 grams each.
3xCD's count as about one 12" record, usually 80-100 grams each (with the case).

All DHL orders will be sent from Denmark, but go via the transit point in Germany. DHL Connect shipping to the following countries will be delivered to a DHL Service Point:Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania

If you are interested in pictures or detailed informationof any records/labels/matrix-numbers/etc, we can of course check the specific items, but expect some waiting time, because they're in our external inventory, and it will take at least a couple of days to get them to the office (where we answer messages and ship from). If you haven't made an order, and you want to see pictures of the specific item in question, then

REMEMBER TO SEND US YOUR E-MAIL, so we can send pictures.There's no way to send images via Discogs messages!

PLEASE NOTE: We normally do NOT take pictures of items priced less than €10. The handling process alone will cost us more than this. You'd just have to take a chance in that case.

Sorry, but once an order as been paid, we start packing, and nobody will read the timeline again until it's getting the shipping label on it right before going out the door. And as it's a quite costly (not less very time-consuming) process for us to pull out an order mid-shipment, we cannot offer this service under normal circumstances. If you'd like to add more records to an order, then HOLD payment until you're completely done ordering, and are 100% ready to finalize it! (Remember, all orders can stand for up to 14 days, so there's NO need to send payment immediately

Please wait longer. Occasionally the parcels can be delayed (especially during these COVID & Ukraine/Russia war times) - but as long as the tracking number is active, it should still be in transit - most likely just sitting in customs somewhere. If it takes more than 2 months before delivery, then it's another case of course - just write us in that case, and we'll try to find a solution then.

Just write us in the timeline of the order (not private messages please), and then we'll figure something out - our goal is that everyone is a happy customer, so don't be shy if something annoys you - pleaseDO NOT JUST LEAVE FEEDBACK WITHOUT CONTACTING US FIRST!And please don't hold a grudge, there's no need to make enemies, when you can make friends instead. We're honest sellers, but with a stock as huge as ours (over half a million items), mistakes DO inevitably happen, even though we try to keep it to a minimum. We willalwaysattempt to solve any issues to the best of our abilities, so don't hesitate to contact us

Depending on the reason why it was sent back, we have different solutions - but we will always write to you in the timeline, if your parcel comes back. If no interest in reshipping, the buyer will be refunded the price of the items included in the order, but not the shipping cost.

Usually 80xLP (20 kilo) is the maximum, but depending on location and shipping method, we can sometimes fit 120xLP (30 kilo) or more in one shipment. The cart should automatically calculate the correct postage. If in doubt, just send us a message and ask for a more specific quote.

We send parcels out at least twice a week (always on Mondays and Thursdays), and we ship from DENMARK, EUROPE.If we have extra many orders in a week, we will also ship some on Wednesdays and/or Fridays.
Once your order is marked "Payment Pending", we will go straight to the storage and pick up your records. Because of handling times, it usually takes 0-2 weekdays before we can mark it "Payment Received" (and then usually max 0-2 days before marking it "Shipped").
That means, best case scenario, we will ship on the same day you order - and worst case, after 4 days. Most orders are on their way after maximum 2 days though.

WE ALWAYS SHIP TO THE ADDRESS STATED HERE ON DISCOGS, IF YOU'D LIKE TO HAVE THE RECORDS SENT TO ANOTHER ADDRESS, PLEASE LET US KNOW IN THE TIMELINE OF THE ORDER ASAP.- And please remember to add your FULL name, as postal services cannot guarantee 100% delivery with only half a name!

If you make an order and have a special request (details about item or such), we’ll make sure the item is as you want, and we can always cancel the order if it’s not. Just remind us in the timeline of the order, and you can hold payment until we make sure it’s what you want.

PLEASE NOTE:Some items (especially those priced less than €10), we cannot check, as the processing time will be too costly for us. Please refer to the ratings guide if you're unsure about the quality of the record (eg. "Good" = bad).

For smaller LP orders (under 2 kilo) and with high value records, we will take the vinyl out of the sleeve to avoid seam-splits (except for sealed items and 12" maxis that don't come with inners), and ship in a sturdy cardboard mailer with reinforced edges.

For larger orders (up to 20 kilo) and orders with cheap records, we will use a large box with padding and wrapped tightly.

Please note!

Most records will be lightly cleaned before we ship out (to remove fingerprints, dust, etc), however, please don't expect that all records priced less than €5 will be deep-cleansed. We fully expect most vinyl collectors to have their own preferred cleaning method at home anyway; fine brushes, washing machines, silk cloths, etc.

ALL TRACKING NUMBERS WILL COME TO YOUR PROVIDED E-MAIL 1-3 DAYS AFTER BEING MARKED "SHIPPED", so please wait a few days before asking us to find the number for you - it will come automatically (if your e-mail is correct of course, and the spamfilter is off).

We also strongly recommend that you put your phone number, so we can attach that to the tracking also - then you should get an SMS text message with the order status - you can add it to your Discogs account here.

You can use all provided tracking numbers on this page (usually starting with LY or RR) :PostNord International TrackingOr if sent with DHL (number usually starting with JJ), then this site:DHL International TrackingIf you are located in France, however, then you would have to use the local French company Colis Privé to locate DHL shipments:DHL French Tracking

TRACKED SHIPPING is included for ALL countries worldwide.

Because of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, we've been forced to temporarily shut down shipping to both countries (also including Belarus and Moldavia)!
But we will keep open for business to most of the rest of the world: If the items in our store appear available to buy, then we will ship to you! If the items appear "unavailable to your country", then it's because we cannot ship there at the moment.

Yes - But you need to inform us in advance, that you are located in The Canary Islands (it's not enough to just write "Spain" as country!), as they now require us to put a full invoice outside the parcel, otherwise it will not be delivered - even though Spain and Denmark are both members of the EU!

If the parcel is returned because you did not inform us about your location, we cannot refund postage. Also, if the parcel is bigger than 2 kilo (7xLP) we have to use a special service or split the shipment into several parcels.

Canary Islands New Custom rules

Yes, at our warehouse in Albertslund, Copenahgen.

Read more here

As the system is only partially automatic, sometimes we have to go and manually merge all your unpaid orders into one single larger order, and then we will of course send a new invoice with combined postage discount. But remember:DO NOT PAY THE ORDERS UNTIL YOU ARE DONE BUYING, AND WE HAVE MERGED THEM ALL!All orders can stand for up to 14 days, before being automatically cancelled, so there is no rush sending payment! If you send payment for an order, it will be shipped out very quickly, as we cannot merge already paid orders!

The 3-5 days estimate is PostNord's and DHL's "best case scenario", but some shipments will take longer time than that.
For shipments sent within Denmark, delivery generally takes 0-2 weeks. For the rest of Europe, delivery takes about 1-4 weeks, and for the rest of the world delivery time is usually 2-5 weeks, but sometimes less/more, depending on the speed of your local postal service and/or customs. ALL parcels will be sent with tracking. For alternative arrangements please contact us for more details.

Please note!The local postal service and international customs (for orders outside the EU) can prolong the delivery time, so it also depends on their handling speed. We do not have control over the delivery process itself, unfortunately. Please see the tracking information to find updates about your parcel's journey - they may also be sent to parcelshop pick-up points, so remember to check occasionally and stay informed

Short answer: No. Long answer: We always try to match the exact item listed of course, but some records can be extremely difficult to identify, and can take excruciatingly long time to find, so occasionally we have to take a qualified guess, which exact item is our corresponding copy. But if you want to be 100% sure before we ship it - just ASK US about further information and/or a photo (remember to give us your e-mail if you want pictures), and we will of course check this before sending the order out. (if priced above €10 - see §2)

For 99.9% of the records we have, the answer is no. But for really rare and expensive records (priced higher than €50), that are not immediately available many other places, we DO occasionally make an exception. We don't send full songs though (only to check audio and identify tracks), so please don't ask us to send complete rips, as that is illegal.

No. As we're a major business partner with Discogs, we can't offer to make deals around the system (as this could potentially block our profile, which would mean we'd have to shut down business completely). Please use the automated system check-out button via the order timeline, and everything should go smoothly

We have activated the "Make Offer"-button on most of our inventory (excluding a few items - mainly the new stock), so feel free to send offers on those that are open for bids - We get many daily requests, so be aware that it might take a couple of days before we can respond to your offer(s).

And please remember: We CAN'T correct prices after an order has already been made - you have to send the offers through each individual item page before making the order, and then we will merge and send a new invoice (assuming the offers will be accepted).

As Discogs doesn't allow sellers to change prices on already placed orders, we cannot discount an order after it has been made.NO EXCEPTIONS!The only thing we can do in these cases are cancelling the order, and then the buyer can try again, but by sending best offers on each item individually through the item pages, if possible. And remember, it is unfortunately only possible to place ONE offer, as Discogs' old system does not allow counter-offers, so remember to make it a fair offer.

We can always cancel the order (within 14 days) if you can't afford it, it's no problem. If you wait longer than 14 days before you react, negative feedback will automatically be left by the Discogs system.

Unfortunately, there's no way to make bulk offers via Discogs' outdated system.The ONLY way to achieve discounts on purchases, is to send offers on each item individually via the item pages.Not the most time-efficient method, but Discogs does not offer any other ways, so our hands are tied here. Thank you for understanding

No, the discount has already been applied - that goes for all discounted items. There's no option to give discount on Discogs after an order has been made, so that's why we have to apply the discount immediately (the previous price was 50% higher).

We try to handle all refunds at the same time every day, as only one person has access to our PayPal-account. But in really busy periods, it can take up to 2-3 days before we get around to it - but please don't worry, we haven't forgotten you! (Occasionally there can be some hold-up at PayPal though, so if it has been more than 2-3 days, just contact us again, and we'll get right on the case of course).

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